I'm Ninos. I'm an aspiring actor and Lady Gaga enthusiast since 2008, seen her in concert 4 times (went for 5, but then Hipgate 2013 happened). 19. Lushie. Currently a Sophomore at UIUC. Follow me, and I'm sure I'll do something that is mildly entertaining at some point. Deuces.
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gay people like rupaul’s drag race because it’s like sports for straight people. we know the stats, the players’ history, and we can talk about it for hours and you can like go to bars and watch and cheer on your faves like yas my favorite sport is drag racing yas


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if i ever stop reblogging this assume I am dead

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thinking about how funny it would be if taylor kinney took one of those relationship surveys on tumblr like

when was your last kiss and what was it like? she had on false teeth

what do you and your significant other do for fun? sometimes we take a private plane to germany, other times we glue peacock feathers to each others faces

do you remember what they wore on your first date? scotch tape